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Our program combines training, coaching, tools, systems, resources and accountability to create a robust system guaranteed to grow your business. We include:

  • Training - We cover the 5 pillars of knowledge necessary to build and sustain a successful real estate business:

    • Real Estate Knowledge,

    • Sales Skills,

    • Digital Marketing,

    • Social Media,

    • Systems and Tools needed for organization, automation and scalability.

  • Coaching - We have hired specialized, experienced coaches from all over the US to expand your learning, answer your questions and help you through the process. We have 6 live coaching zooms weekly to support your efforts.

  • Tools and Systems - We supply the tools and systems you need and are included in this incredible program.

  • ​Accountability - Our staff helps you on your way to success with a variety of accountability tools, resources and support.

Are you someone who...

is in real estate and is struggling to scale your business and income quickly?

feels converting leads into clients might be more difficult than you thought?

knows you can be successful in real estate but you want a proven road map?

might feel like, despite how many hours you put in, you’re getting little back and it feels like you’ll never hit the next level in your business or life?

wants to grow an amazing business but doesn't want to reinvent the wheel? 

is overwhelmed, burnt out and doesn’t know where your next client is going to come from?

5 Step Pillars For Success

1. Real Estate Training
Our comprehensive real estate training will not only prepare new agents for a lucrative career, but also help experienced agents to break through earning ceilings, increase their production, equip them to build or grow a team.
2. Center of Influence 
Building a robust process and procedure around your center of influence is one of the most important things you can do in your career to create lasting success and an incredible referral based business. This pillar within XSell Training will equip you to do just that. You'll learn from a variety of amazing coaches with this one!
3. kvCORE
Relationships are your superpower. You grow your business by leveraging and expanding your sphere of influence and the relationships you’ve built within it. kvCORE helps you maximize your efforts with easy to use, automated marketing campaigns to stay top of mind and drive referrals. kvCORE will help you diversify lead sources and reduce costs with a high performing lead capture website, unlimited landing pages, IDX squeeze pages and text codes. The built-in Marketplace allows you to run paid advertising campaigns from one place while kvCORE’s behavioral automation leverages consumer behavior to intelligently follow-up, maximizing lead engagement and conversion rates.
4. Social Media Training
Social Media can enhance your efforts in real estate.  You'll learn how to use it to help future clients to know, like and trust you.  Our social media experts will help you to not only learn the basics, but also personal branding and advanced techniques!  You'll give yourself the tools and knowledge you need to advance yourself beyond your competition.
5. Digital Marketing

With Digital Lightning™ you will learn the simple proven systems to generate high value clients consistently and predictively to become a productivity machine. How to save time, increase production and dramatically grow your real estate business/revenue. The secret weapons of all 7-8 figure real estate professionals, straight from the top 1% of the top 1%. Leading edge digital marketing from, nerve striking content creation, massive brand awareness, dynamic Facebook ads, conversion funnels, tracking and retargeting, leveraging automation systems, lead generation, nurturing, conversion and much more.

get trained by the experts!

Chuck  Fazio

Overseen over 40,000 homes sold and $9 billion in real estate. They have coached hundreds of top producing agents. Runs one of the largest international modern real estate teams with over 6,000 agents.

Angela Fazio

Brokered one of the largest real estate brokerages in the country. Runs one of the top Power Women's Mastermind groups in the world and co-founder of Moms in Real Estate.

Michael Flanagan

One of the leading real estate coaches in the industry. He was a broker for two of the largest real estate companies in the nation.

Danielle Nielson

Social media expert. She knows how to help you create a memorable brand with maximum exposure on most social media platforms.

Brigette Ries

Her career as a top marketer extends from the East coast to the West coast. She trains and coaches in lead generating and is a master in building and working your database.

Greg Fowler

World renowned master of real estate digital marketing. Greg personally coaches you through his exclusive system Digital Lightning™. He is the founder of Lion Bolt Media,  the host of  Real Estate Titans Podcast and a Lab Coat Agents moderator.

Kristen Cantrell

She is one of the top team builders through connections. She is the founder of "Connect and Cultivate" and one of the co-founders of Moms in Real Estate.

Cliff Freeman

He is one of the top real  estate coaches based out of Dallas, Texas.  He helps agents build profitable businesses through the use of sustainable systems.

Curt Shewell

He is one of the best coaches and trainers in the real estate industry. He oversees one of the top teams in the country doing over $300 million a year!

Kris and Jackie Durbin

Kris and Jackie have a background in education and they have utilized their nearly two decades of experience to help train and coach agents. They are in the Top 3% of agents in all of Arizona and recognized by Top Agent Magazine in 2022.

Korah Hart

XSell team leader and an expert in all areas of the training. Korah provides motivational and accountability coaching. Korah is the host of XSell Live Training on Facebook and making sure we have a community that supports each other's development. 

Other Key Points

Tools & Systems

We supply the tools and systems you need and they are included in this incredible program.  The tools help you to track your success, organize your business, build automation and intelligence into your processes and procedures to run your business like a pro!

Private Facebook Group

Get exclusive access to our community on Facebook and receive lifetime support!  Our culture of learning and support will expose you to some of the leading minds in real estate.  You'll receive extra training, resources and access to instant support within an energetic and friendly community.


We have hired specialized and experienced coaches from all over the US to expand your learning, answer your questions and help you through the process. We have six live coaching zooms weekly to support your efforts.  Staff members including a dynamic team lead will help keep you on track and offer the opportunity for accountability.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

"During the time that I have been doing the XSell program, I have learned so much and continue to learn each and every day. It is a phenomenal experience! No other training even comes close to the training I am receiving in the XSell program. It not only teaches me the knowledge, tips, and techniques I need to know but at the same time, I am getting the confidence boost (I need sometimes) to do the things that are hard for me to do. This program is giving me the direction and self-assurance that shows me that I CAN be the successful real estate agent I dream of being! "

Liesel Jacullo - North Carolina

"Whether you are a beginner like myself or an experienced agent, this training and mentorship program is designed to launch your Real Estate business into IMMEDIATE success.

You are coached and trained by some of the top professionals in the industry. I'm talking Founders and CEO's of their companies, with decades of experience and proven track records and most of all you don't pay anything extra."

Charles Melendrez - Washington

"Coming form another company I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone says they have good training. I was blown away how incredible this system is and how different it was from anything else I experienced."

Tyler June - Arizona

Success is no accident!

Meet Chuck & Angela Fazio

Founders of the XSell Training System

  • Overseen over 40,000 Home Sales and 9 Billion in Production
  • Real Trends Top 500 Power Brokers
  • RIS Media's Billionaire Club
  • Swanepool's Mega 1000
  • Authors of Mastering Your Real Estate Career
  • CEOs of one of the largest International Real Estate Teams 

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